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For over 90 years customers have turned to Southwest Mill Supply Company for hammermill and size reduction products and services that are designed for high performance, extended equipment life and enhanced productivity. We apply almost a century of innovation, engineering, manufacturing, service know-how and value-added selections to every application.

The advantages of our premium and custom hammers, which are popular with OEMs and aftermarket replacement part customers alike, are the wide array of options. SMS offers a variety of high quality steels used in manufacturing hammers to offer a higher performing and longer lasting products than our competitors. Contact our technical services to help evaluate and select the right metallurgy, hardfacing technology and specific properties to do the job for any application.



Hammer Hardfacing Styles


Fusion Hammermill Hammer

  • The sharper cutting surface offers multiple cutting advantages

  • Offers enhanced overall performance in a variety of styles
  • Excellent hardfacing properties for extended wear
  • The industries hardest hammer equals the longest wearing hammer

Standard Hammermill Hammer

  • The most economical hammer in the industry
  • Through our specialized heat treating process and the high quality steel, these hammers offer extended wear with less expense
  • Take the “Hammer Challenge” and compare


SuperFormance Hammermill Hammer

  • Outstanding performance characteristics with a combination of hardness, strength and impact toughness
  • Ensures a longer wear life and predictable performance
  • Eliminate hole elongation and rod wear
  • Leading edge hardfacing technique utilized to encapsulate and protect the Tungsten Carbide particles from premature erosion
  • Manufactured to extreme state-of-the-art precision

Slimline Performance Hammermill Hammer

  • Increase in overall throughput/capacity
  • Reduction of amperage in the mill
  • Improved fines and grind consistency
  • Less screen usage




Tub Mill Hammer

  • Hammers and their components provide excellent abrasion resistance for longer wear life
  • Through hardened, but offering the ductility and toughness to withstand high-impact conditions
  • Superior quality parts for various makes and models of industrial tub grinders and horizontal feed machines

Carbide Strip Hammer

  • Leading premium edge in the industry
  • Precision-ground wear part for the most demanding applications

Laser Cladded Hammermill Hammer

  • Offers precise placement and consistent thickness of wear material
  • Produces denser coating with fine surface finishes
  • Material properties can be tailored for particular components  

Endurance Hammermill Hammer

  • Highest wear resistance body of any hammer available in the industry, coupled with unparalleled tungsten carbide weld
  • Characterized by great hardness 
  • A homogeneous micro structures that provides elasticity to eliminate fracturing and hole elongation 
  • Manufactured to extreme state-of-the-art precision

E-Stepped Bushing Hammer

  • Available to compliment any hammer hardfacing 
  • Eliminates hole elongation and rod grooving
  • Visit Rods, Spacers and Bushings to learn more

Mix & Modern Mill Hammer

  • Precision cut and through hardened for extended wear
  • Multiple hardfacing options for an efficient grind and cost-effective choice




Cluster Hammer

  • Reduced number of parts for ease of installation
  • Higher and consistent penetration rate
  • Longer product life

Specialty Hammer

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes coupled with the emergence of new materials allows SMS to create any style for any need.


Slimline Performance Hammer

The ultra-thin Slimeline fusion hardfaced hammermill hammer offers improved performance for fine grind applications. The greater impact areas offer a reduction in energy consumption, increased fines and gained capacity. Download a PDF flier of the Slimline Hammermill Hammer.  ... Read More


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